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How Everyday Citizens Can Help With Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform is a hot topic in the United States and around the world and for many good reasons. Every year we spend 4.5 trillion dollars globally on healthcare yet in many ways we aren’t any healthier than we were years ago and in some ways we are sicker. Furthermore, healthcare is costing more and the effectiveness of it is being questioned more and more each year.In addition governments around the world are trying to reform healthcare but as you will probably agree, that’s not working either.So what can everyday citizens do to help with healthcare reform?1. Make it a priority to reform the healthcare of you, your friends, family and other loved ones. By doing this you will help to ease the burden of the healthcare system and make the world healthier.So how exactly do you do this?First, make taking care of your health a priority. Too many of us do not make having good health a priority. We eat and drink things we know are not healthy for our bodies. We use too many drugs. We use too many chemical based bath and body products and cleaners
and we don’t exercise and practice good nutrition like we should. The result is that we are sicker and have more health problems than would otherwise be necessary.Second, avoid running to the doctor for every little minor illness and educate yourself about all the ways that are available for having and maintaining good health.2. Use integrative medicine. Instead of being close minded and thinking that you can solve all of your health needs by going only to medical doctors, involve chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists and other health and healing professionals in assisting you to take good care of your body.3. Advocate for and encourage local and national governments to pass legislation that encourages more healthy habits and integrative medicine.4. Become your own health coach by researching and learning how to take better care of your health.5. Use common sense when you are given advice by a doctor, and get a second option whenever necessary. This includes researching the side effects of any prescription medicine and making an informed decision for yourself as to if you will or will not use that prescription.6. Educate yourself about natural medicine including essential oils and herbs. These are very powerful when used correctly and can make a huge impact on the quality of your life and your health.